Objects with a story, singular, elegant, colorful, clean lines of Scandinavian influence but so French by their technicality, an eco-friendly design, of natural materials, made in France,
and that’s not too bad at all.

Made in France products

      First thing to know about Gone's: we are a French brand whose entire production is made in our beloved lands. We do not manufacture in France by chauvinism (even if we love our country) but rather because we think it is a nonsense to have our creations made thousands of miles from home. In short, a simple geographical logic. All our partners manufacturers have a unique craftsmanship. The choice of materials, the finishes, Gone's, it's upmarket! But, to serve you, we have no intermediaries, which allows quality and originality at very affordable prices. Back to proximity!

      After the crisis, we must act! Our craftsmen and indiustrial are numerous and diversified in France, and with Gone's, we use them thoroughly. From the French design increasingly recognized in manufacturing by the work of wood and concrete, all the skills are there to carry out our projects. Far from relying on existing techniques and materials, we innovate according to the collections so that craftsmanship and design can be found around contemporary objects. About the delivery of your package, we do it as soon as possible (max 5 days)!

      Eco design, ecological design, sustainable development, ecofriendly, etc. So many terms more or less close but complicated to affirm our values! In all transparency: our wood comes from sustainably managed French forests, our concrete is a patented ecological formula, our treatments (paints and varnishes) are water-based product. Our packaging and communication tools are also made from recycled cellulose for the lowest possible environmental impact! And then, is it necessary to add that our charming customers always sort their packaging and objects at the end of their life? :)

Made in France collection

     Once upon a time there were two brothers from Lyon (Gone means young man in Lyon's patois), with complementary profiles. They have known each other for more than 30 years even if they can not remember their meeting very well... They are getting worsened in their respective fields: Marian draws for different high-end or luxury brands and works in Finland with the Scandinavian designer Ilkka Suppanen while the eldest, Hadrien, is chargé d'affaires for an aeronautical group. Tired of working 50h/week for others, they decide to work for them, always with a good pace but imposing their own values! In 2014, they created Gone's, a high-end brand of original objects with Scandinavian ambience where French savoir-faire and manufacture take their place!

     Gone's makes you travel in the north in a Scandinavian atmosphere. Our sleek lighting creates a warm and welcoming universe in your home where it will be as good to party than relax. Our made in France high-end products are made of noble materials crafted but remain accessible. Treat yourself to a lamp made in France, original, designed by a French designer! Bet on ecological objects for your home: our concrete, patented 100% mineral, has an unusual touch. We compare our surfaces to the softness of a peach skin. However, avoid biting it, it is concrete. The responsible woods that we use, made to last, are machined by conscientious partners in love with their craft and possessing all their fingers!

   Do you want an original object, creative and not coming from the mass consumption retailers? Looking for a small gift made in France quality but not too much expensive? You are in the good place! But beware, this gift provokes certain kind of reactions: the lucky recipient has his eyes shining, his pulse is accelerating and his fingers are trembling when unpacking the object! What? A French product and it's not a sausage or a bottle of wine ?! The debate is launched, the objects are they really manufactured in France? Where is the subterfuge (alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health)? But yes, absolutely! We reassure you, we took nothing, just a big dose of principles, and yes, everything is really made in France! Our direct sales without intermediaries simply allow us to be at the right price.

     Are you fed up of the lampshades with fairies, cars, fairies in cars? Because there is no reason that children have a room less pleasant than yours we decided to invest the world of children! Ideal as a gift for babies (an essential birth!), For children or older children, our lights will be able to act as small lamps or night lights. These are decorative and functional lamps. Find our new animals all of wood dressed in our kids store!

Creativity is a muscle we hear sometimes. It requires a daily effort to be developed. We can tell you that we have not lightened the task with concrete objects! Our range of decorative accessories and scented candles each have their own story. While some are the fruit of a beautiful partnership born of our passage in the beautiful city of Marseille, others come from original and sometimes explosive experiments!
In short, objects with stories.

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